Ecological heating Italy - Ecological heating Tuscany Siena
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Ecological heating Italy
High thermal efficiency, ecological and heating costs cut system

Wood is the oldest resource of energy used by man for home heating and is now the main fuel for domestic use of 1 / 3 of the world population.

It is one of the most precious materials that nature offers us as being a fuel of high calorific value and the cheapest one on the market today. .

It 's a renewable fuel source that is constantly being reproduced produced from nature and returns to it through a continuous circular flow. .

The complete wood decomposition process releases a quantity of CO2 which is subsequently used for the re-growth of new plants. The burning of wood is a neutral CO2 emission and therefore does not contribute to the worsening of the greenhouse effect.

Cutting woods in such a responsible way so as to manage their constant re-growth you have the promise of a healthy vegetation regeneration. Domestic heating with its CO2 emissions is also very responsible for air pollution and we should opt for wood as alternative and renewable energy.

The advantages of wood heating::
The decision to purchase one of the Termopiù monoblocks offers many advantages due to the innovative dual combustion system that releases small quantities of carbon dioxide, the guarantee of high efficiency results and low environmental impact.

You will note the considerable cost cut in your domestic heating and you will not only recover, in a short time, the expenditure for the purchase but you will also reveal this type of heating as very nice and healthy. This choice will contribute to the preservation of our planet by not affecting the environmental balance. The air we breathe at home, the pleasant atmosphere and the play of fire light will make you appreciate your choice.

Some more benefits:
Why choose Termopiù monoblocks:
The following Table gives an average annual heating cost for 15.000 kWh (1 un kWh multiplied per fuel cost )
Ecological heating Italy
Combustibile Price
for kWh
Average annual cost
Liquid gas (in tank)0,168 €2.520 €
Gas oil0,129 €1.935 €
Natural gas methane0,076 €1.140 €
Wood0,035 €525 €

Ecological heating Italy

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